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What's "Hot" on the web now!

October 10, 2014 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Knight Management Center C223

Bring examples of things you think are hot trends in design or functionality on the web now, at Stanford and beyond.


Huge images!

  • Images that stretch to fill the browser
  • Controversial
  • Pro: impact! Captures a feeling.
  • Con: missing content and calls to action

Mega Menus!

  • Pro: show more, let people scan, esp. when you have a broad audience
  • Con: Too much! ahhh!
  • Con: responsive is problematic
  • Con: covers up content

Hiding content on mobile that is visible on desktop

Hidden search (collapsable search)

  • Pro: saves space
  • Con: naive users will have trouble finding it, just an icon isn't enough of a hint (a lot of people don't even know what this icon is! some people think it's zoom)
  • Apple does this

"Explore" menu option on Apple:

Menus becoming "mobile first" on desktop - Hamburger

  • Con: people don't understand icons yet 100%

Subtle graphics changes and animation (Apple)

Simple content - clear messages (Apple)


Thin fonts

Sticky header or navbar (Apple)

Cards FTW!

  • School of Med, GSB insights, Majors, Anderson, etc.

Anti-hover, click instead - because of mobile

Smart, related content suggestions

Back to top link that only appears when you are down the page

Simple interactive infographics


Iconography for navigating

  • font icons

Giant search box as home page

  • only works if you know what you're looking for

Multiple layers of header context and nav?

  • Or subsite like

Interest-based subscriptions based on tags/categories

  • But not RSS
  • Do people now expect content to be smart?
  • Google now serves content curated for you as search results! What does this mean for SEO?

Social feeds - like tagboard

Auto-playing video without sound

  • as background
  • inline as you read a story

Sticky things (sidebars, blocks, headers)

Continuous scrolling auto-loading content

Education movement

  • using the internet as a platform for education, for changing the model of education
  • Interactive online course platforms
  • khan academy, code school

Big full width stripes, scrolling pages
Single page with sections that act like multiple pages


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