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User Experience Strategy

Event Details:

Friday, February 28, 2014
3:00pm - 4:00pm PST


Knight Management Center C223

Our second workshop in the UX Basics series, we will be exploring UX strategy, including content strategy and site and page goals.

Event Notes


User Experience Strategy 

  What is your user's experience?  

       What are they trying to do and what is getting in their way? 

       Ways to understand our users

            - Empathy

                  Helps us know our users and keep them in mind as we design. We want to make it easier for them to reach their goals

                  Create a user persona

                         - This is a fake person that represents real user groups (for instance, prospective students)


                               Photo, name, role, age, loves, dislikes, their goals, special considerations

                         How do personas help us?

                                Design for their goals 
                                Design for any special considerations?
                                Craft the right tone (for example, if you gearing toward incoming freshman you can adjust tone for that audience)

            - Research

                   A small amount of research can go a long way.  For instance, going through a couple days of customer request feedback can provide a lot of pay-off. 

            - User feedback

            - User testing 

Developing a content strategy

            - Know your users

             - Structure your design to support user goals     

             - Document in a style guide

             - Create content that is relevant to your users

Page/Section Goals Worksheet

   A tool to help define and structure the information around audiences and associated tasks.    


We need a webpage for our event!

We have: Image and copy (event details)

We need to do:

   - understand our users and determine what the main message that we are trying convey

  -  determine what are your user's goals (what is it? is it relevant? when is it? where is it? register for event)

What are your goals?

  - Get people to register

What is the most important information?



Post-Exercise notes  

Competing audiences

   How does one deal with competing audiences? At the very least, via stakeholder involvement, a primary audience needs to be chosen.  

Task Analysis and Prioritization   

    Task analysis happens after personas.


   Analytics can help determine what is really happening on the site.  This can be cross-referenced with task priorities. 

   Heatmaps as analytics can be really helpful for determining user needs and goals.


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