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UX resources we have found useful. If you are member of UXers and wish to add to this page, please contact one of the core group and we'll give you permissions to edit on the site.

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The ULTIMATE List of 24 Free eBooks on UX and Interface Design


Universal Principles of Design BookUniversal Methods of Design Book

Universal Principles of Design
Universal Methods of Design
I love these books for how succinct they are, how perfect they are for summarizing methods and principles (think boiler plate language for clients), and how they categorize methods into different phases of the design process. – Megan

Don't Make Me Think
A classic must-read.

A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences

Web Form Design

This is Service Design Thinking
A wonderful textbook introducing what is Service Experience Design.


Innovating for People
A collection of innovation methods for everyone, distilled from over 900 design methods to create a "playbook" of sorts for method combinations to fit any design process.